Police Corruption

What to do if You
Encounter Corrupt “lying” Cops!


Judge Napolitano says “Record the Police” –
Especially Corrupt Cops!

5 Worst Cops!  Watch!

Cops Steal CASH From
Ordinary People!

Here is a small sampling of the people hired as public servants who also take an oath
to “Protect and Serve.”

Cop Scum!

Former Chief of Police
James Bensley – Garden City, ID
Charged with DUI !!

ARRESTED FOR DUI – Mug Shot!  Dec 15, 2015


This is the same Chief of Police who would not release  items he and his minions took from my home in 2012.  In my opinion, he items that are valued at over $3,000.  Do you smell Police Corruption?  Is he a drunk?  Is he a criminal?  All the evidence points to YES!!!  Again, in my opinion, he’s not any better than a common criminal.  Among the items he stole were rifles, shotguns and hand guns!! Plus heirlooms that belonged to my deceased father.

This is a Cop  who a Garden City
Police Officer (Idaho)

Arrested for DUI – Nov 2014

This was the officer that was called from the hospital only (48) hours after I was shot. ( Lt. Compton) I told him not to allow Tammy Sweeden back into my home because I fear she will steal my valuables inside. He said – nothing he could do about it and “giggled”. Now, we hear he’s nothing but a drunk. He finally got caught driving “drunk” and arrested for DUI and is forced to resign from the police department in order to keep from showing the “true” colors of the Garden City Police department. He was arrested for DUI by the Meridian Police.

This man was part of the Garden City Police Department who released Tammy Sweeden Reineri after she shot me and robbed. Plus he was one of the police officers who ransacked my home and took over $2,000 worth of valuables from my home and never released them back to me. Do you smell CORRUPTION among this unsavory group of men who run the Garden City Police Department in Idaho?

Lt.Compton - GCPD arrested.

Copy Scum Arrested for Masturbating
in the Tax Payer’s Police Squad Car.

Hardin confessed – He’s guilty.

Get full story here.


Another COPSCUM -Bag
Arrested for CHILD PORN!

Another Police Chief is
ARRESTED and Fired! 
Arrested in Prostitution Sting!

Corrupt Police Chief Admits to RAPING Unconscious Woman!

Assistant Police Chief Arrested . . . He Raped AT LEAST
“Seven” Women! (Oct 2014)

An L.A. Cop SHOT himself in the stomach, causing nine schools to shut down.

Los Angeles Unified School District

When L.A.-area school police officer Jeffrey Stenroos, 31, reported “a man with a ponytail and bomber-style jacket shot him in the chest and fled” while he was on patrol in Jan. 2011, local police sprung into action.

The entire area was combed for 10 hours by 550 police officers and as many as 9 schools were locked down during the same time period, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

When no shooter turned up and Stenroos couldn’t keep his story straight about how many shots had been fired, the real story unraveled. Prosecutors claimed he shot himself (he was wearing a bullet-proof vest at the time).

Stenroos was convicted of planting false evidence and insurance fraud in Sept. 2011 and a judge ordered him to cough up $309,000 in restitution to the city. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-12-dumbest-insurance-scams-of-the-past-decade-2012-7?op=1#ixzz3bqUOMCDG

Corrupt Police Chief
Guilty in Theft Case!

Police Chief Arrested
for Stalking!

Another Cop Busted and Arrested for Child Pornography!

Corrupt Cop Faces 23 years.
Arrested for Lying and Perjury in 79 Cases!

One Man’s War Against
Police Corruption!

Another Corrupt Cop Steals
“CASH” From A Dying Victim.


Cop Busted For Having Sex with

Police Chief Arrested
For Child Sex Crimes!

Corrupt Cop Caught Masturbating

on Video While on Duty ??


Another Corrupt Cop (busted)
It’s a female cop this time.

Corrupt Cops Busted.

Listen How These Corrupt Cops
Talk About How They Will FRAME This Innocent Woman for a DUI.

Corrupt Cops Steal $160,000 Cash
from a Family Man.
Corrupt Thieving Cops!

Corrupt Cop Caught on Tape
Planting (Evidence) Drugs in
Small Business . . . Watch this!!!

Sad Story About A Sheriff and 7 Corrupt Cops
Who Beat a Family Man To DEATH in Front of
Witnesses and Are Trying to
Hide the Evidence.



Corruption in America
is Increasing!

Police Chief Busted for
Solicitation of a PROSTITUTE.

Police Chief
Arrested for Theft

Police Chief Arrested
and Jailed for DUI

Pedophile Cop Arrested for
Having Sex with Young Boy.

Drug Dealing Cop Arrested!

Police Corruption. Police and the
Sheriff Refuse to Follow the Law.
Here’s Proof that some Police Departments
feel they are ABOVE the law!

Corrupt Cops Are an
Epidemic in America!

Speak Out for Freedom

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