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We invite any and all “Whistle Blowers” who have video proof of corruption to submit your videos to us.  Let’s stop corruption.   Maybe we can help get your corruption “story” known to many more people.  Your help in exposing corruption will be appreciated by many.

You may remain anonymous.  If you wish, we will keep your personal information confidential.   It’s your choice.

How to submit videos to us:
1.   Create your video.
2.   Place it on Youtube.
3.   Send us your “youtube” embedded link and URL.

Send videos to:
Write to us at:

Donations:  My project is somewhat expensive to run, especially when keeping and maintaining a high standard of information. As time goes on and the website and audience grows, then it will be much more expensive as we will add many more features. If you would like to help me by a donation, then that would be great.  Just contact me and I will be glad to assist you.  Thanks.


Speak Out for Freedom

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