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Bohemian Grove Exposed

Most People Have No Idea About What The Bohemian Grove is All About.
It’s Just Another SECRET Meeting Place for the Elite!  But What Do they Do?

Bohemian Grove is Exposed!

The Elite of the world secretly meet for seventeen days each July in a remote grove of ancient redwood trees in the forests surrounding San Francisco. About 1,500 men, their names are kept secret, but includes the super-rich, blood dynasty member families of the Illuminati; heavy-hitting corporate chiefs and high government officials.   Among these high ranking elite are a few male prostitutes.   A few of the Elite enjoy dressing up like a woman.

The names you’ll recognize: Former U.S. Presidents William Howard Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and Jr. Most of our present Bush administration’s top officials, such as Colin Powell, are also members of this exclusive men’s club. read more

Robert Reineri: Creates Website HOAX

Robert Reineri is trying to pull another FAST one for his one or two readers a month.


More info here….get more details here.

There is one thing for sure.  Robert Reineri has ZERO creativity and can only function by imitating others.   He’s unable to create an original thought.  Which gives me and others reason to believe he has a mental disorder – probably from all his alcohol and drug use.

Robert Reineri of Bend, Oregon is desperately trying to convince his one or two readers that he’s a good,  honest down home guy and wouldn’t hurt a fly. This man is a CON MAN.  He’s trying to FOOL YOU.  Don’t fall for his shenanigans.  His website is a total hoax. Go ahead read it. It’s ridiculous!   read more

The Real Margaret Sanger

The Real Margaret Sanger – Founder of
Planned Parenthood.

The real Margaret Sanger was praised by Adolf Hitler for being a wonderful woman who practiced “Eugenics”. Margaret-Sanger Planned parenthood, in fact, started as a scheme to control the black population.

Like Adolf Hitler, Margaret Sanger was quoted and said many times, she dreamed of a perfect race.  She often called planned parenthood the “negro project”.

In the beginning and even now, most of the planned parenthood clinics were and are located in low income or poverty neighborhoods. read more

Robert Reineri: Beware – Computer Hacker

Beware of Robert Reineri –
Tries to find work as a
Computer Hacker

Robert Reineri is Vindictive and Abusive!

Criminal Exposed.


Mr. Reineri has been convicted of DUI. He’s an apparant drunk and drug addict.  He was also arrested for DUI, evading the Police with Reckless driving.  

Read more here.  Proof.
More Proof Here.

Reineri is also considered an accomplice with Tammy Sweeden.  Tammy Sweeden shot a man in the chest and stole his retirement fund.  The woman is the ex-wife of Reineri.  Reineri has shown no remorse and tries to defend himself online with very immature and flimsy excuses.  Beware of Robert Reineri.  It appears Robert Reineri has a problem with the truth and has been caught in lie after lie.   It appears Robert Reineri is trying to cover up crimes and or defend his ex-wife and crimes of co-conspirators.  Robert Reineri seems to have mental problems and may be dangerous. read more

Rob Reineri – Chris Mower – Police Mug Shots

Robert “Rob” Reineri Police Mug Shot.  This is AUTHENTIC.
Multiple Arrests.  Multiple DUIs.

Learn more about Robert James Reineri Here.
Do not be fooled by his Website. It’s a HOAX.


Chris Mower  Arrest for Domestic Abuse.
3rd Time – Felony Conviction




Tammay Louise Sweeden (Tammy Sweeden) is the ex-wife of Robert “Rob” Reineri – Christopher “Chris” Mower (boyfriend) of Tammy Sweeden.  These are the men in Tammy Sweeden’s life. read more

Chief James Bensley: More Lies?

Former Chief of Police
James Bensley – Garden City, ID
Charged with DUI !!

ARRESTED FOR DUI – Mug Shot!  Dec 15, 2015


Another Corrupt
Police Chief Arrested!

Speak Out About Bullies, Corruption and Those Who Have WRONGED You!

chief james bensleyChief James Bensley of Garden City
Police Department
Still Has Not Released
My Personal and Legal Items. WHY?

Watch Video about Pedophile Cop.

The GCPD has over $2,000 worth of my valuables – including heirlooms from
my deceased father.


Please Read this Blog Post. Let Me Know if You Also Smell Corruption and
ABUSE OF POWER of this Man and The Garden City Police Department.

I have taken time and filled out the necessary forms and had them all notarized (three times) for Chief James Bensley and the city attorney. Why three times? There is no apparent common sense reason. I assume it’s a con, trick or a stall tactic. Bensley has been stalling me for many months and now it’s been nearly three years. I believe Bensley simply wants to steal the items he removed from my home. Bensley is welcome to prove he has “no” intention of stealing my items by simply returning them to me. read more

Tammy Sweeden Reineri – CRIMINAL EXPOSED!

Christopher Mower, Tammy Sweeden and
Robert  “Rob” Reineri = 
Criminal Team.

Speak Out About Bullies, Corruption and Those Who Have WRONGED You!

Robert Reineri  – computer hacker.  (also paid robert-james-reineri-dui-arrestcyber hit man and ex-husband) is doing his best to slander people.  He acts like a “juvenile” with his name calling.  View Mug Shot.  This page really identifies who and what the REAL Robert Reineri is about. 

christopher-d-mower-arresed-mug-shotCheck out Christopher Mower  – Domestic
Violence for the 3rd time.  Felony Conviction!
Read more here. 
read more

Robert Reineri – Exposed.

Speak Out About Bullies, Corruption and Those Who Have WRONGED You!

Exposing Robert Reineri – A BULLY with the Language of a Filthy Street Thug.

False Statements From Robert Reineri.

In my opinion, Robert Reineri is not to be trusted.  I’m seeking the TRUTH about Robert Reineri and his involvement with the attempted murder and theft of my life-savings.  By all accounts, his filthy gangster language really shines a light on this man’s true ugly character.  He lives up to his reputation and it appears he’s quite the con-man.

Many people believe he’s just a thug who tries to use his “flowerly” unprofessional one page website to discredit the book.  He’s already changed much of his website and removed much of his LIES.  He’s desperately trying to fool or defend what little reputation he has.   We have proof he never read the book.  (he’s using an alias for his 3 or 4 word book review). This man is a clown. read more