Abuse of Power

It appears another American citizen is an apparent victim of “Abuse of Power” by someone in an Authority Position.

Is this an Epidemic?

Has Chief James Bensley of (Garden City Police Department (Idaho) Chosen a
Path of Corruption Too?


Chief James Bensley

You Decide.

“The Police Are Not Your Friends.”

Every ethical attorney will admit this to you! “One of the biggest mistake people make is believing the “Police are your Friends.”

I was shot in the chest (attempted murder) and my retirement funds were stolen by someone I trusted. While I was in the hospital trying to recover from a bullet hole in my chest and lung surgery, Chief James Bensley and several of his minions removed 26 personal and legal items from my home.

Help ME EXPOSE Chief James Bensley!

Did Chief James Bensley of Garden City Police (Idaho) release them to me? Answer: “No”.

Did he make sure to return what is legally mine to me? Answer: “No”.

Does Chief James Bensley have a legal reason to keep all my personal and legal items that has nothing to do with my attempted murder? Answer: “No”.

What excuse does he give. Answer: NONE.

What is the value of the items that Chief James Bensley took from my home? Answer: Over $2,000 worth of valuables. Some are heirlooms of my deceased father.

Is it possible that Chief James Bensley thinks that if enough time goes by I’ll just disappear and forget about what he and his minions “took” from me for their own gain? Answer: Absolutely!

I will NEVER go away! I will not simply forget what Chief James Bensley and his minions has taken from me and will not return. I will EXPOSE them as much as possible.

If Chief James Bensley and his minions will do this to me, I’m almost sure he’s also done it to others in his community. If anyone has had a dishonest situation dealing with Chief James Bensley of Garden City Police Department (Idaho), then please contact me and I’ll help EXPOSE what he’s done to you as well.

Abuse of Power is called Corruption.

My situation is another example of Police abuse and those with authority abusing their Power. Corrupt police are arrogant and they feel they are above the law.

Many people agree, that many police departments are just a gang of thieves. They are no better than the average petty criminal causing conflict and chaos for law abiding citizens. “The Police are NOT your Friends” – never forget this – as it could be our biggest mistake.


Speak Out for Freedom

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