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There are millions of people who are not aware this subject matter exists, if they do, then their knowledge is somewhat limited. If you’re new to this type of material, then we ask you to simply review this site with an open mind.

Try not to have a knee jerk reaction and do your best not to jump to a quick conclusion.   For some people, some of this information will be “shocking” and to some, it might be regarded as non-sense.   Do your own research before jumping to a quick “non-sense” conclusion.

The readers of this website must understand that I and anyone associated with this website are only the “messengers”  of materials, videos and information supplied by others who are regarded in certain circles as “creditable” people.

None of the information contained within this web site or in any presentation are my own original ideas or beliefs and they do not belong to anyone who is associated with this website.

We are simply sharing information about the world in which we live – that I and many others have come to understand and that I feel others could benefit by reviewing.

(I, we) are not asking anyone to BELIEVE anything that is contained in any presentation contained on this web site.

Just like anything else in life, you should “verify” anything you’ve read or heard.   Do not believe anything at face value by our government or from anyone else.

You should do your own research, then create your own opinion. The entire purpose of this PROJECT and presentations are to encourage others to seek the “Truth” and knowledge that can lead them to a better understanding of themselves and of our world.

There is a reason you are here.  Take advantage of the knowledge and information on this website.  Use it to your best ability or discard it.  Naturally, it’s your choice.

This website is a continued PROJECT in progress.  It’s important that you visit often as new information and resources will be added on an ongoing basis.

Thank you very much for visiting my site. If you find any of the information contained on this website of value, then please do not hesitate to SPEAK OUT and share this information to others.  Also, expose corruption as much as possible – either locally, nationally or world-wide.  PLEASE recommend this website to others.

We are truth seekers.   “Sovereign People are Not Slaves”   We love Freedom.   Join us.

Sonny Dupree – “ProjectSpeakOut.com”







Speak Out for Freedom

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