The Real Margaret Sanger

The Real Margaret Sanger – Founder of
Planned Parenthood.

The real Margaret Sanger was praised by Adolf Hitler for being a wonderful woman who practiced “Eugenics”. Margaret-Sanger Planned parenthood, in fact, started as a scheme to control the black population.

Like Adolf Hitler, Margaret Sanger was quoted and said many times, she dreamed of a perfect race.  She often called planned parenthood the “negro project”.

In the beginning and even now, most of the planned parenthood clinics were and are located in low income or poverty neighborhoods. read more

Robert Reineri: Beware – Computer Hacker

Beware of Robert Reineri –
Tries to find work as a
Computer Hacker

Robert Reineri is Vindictive and Abusive!

Criminal Exposed.


Mr. Reineri has been convicted of DUI. He’s an apparant drunk and drug addict.  He was also arrested for DUI, evading the Police with Reckless driving.  

Read more here.  Proof.
More Proof Here.

Reineri is also considered an accomplice with Tammy Sweeden.  Tammy Sweeden shot a man in the chest and stole his retirement fund.  The woman is the ex-wife of Reineri.  Reineri has shown no remorse and tries to defend himself online with very immature and flimsy excuses.  Beware of Robert Reineri.  It appears Robert Reineri has a problem with the truth and has been caught in lie after lie.   It appears Robert Reineri is trying to cover up crimes and or defend his ex-wife and crimes of co-conspirators.  Robert Reineri seems to have mental problems and may be dangerous. read more