Chief James Bensley: More Lies?

Former Chief of Police
James Bensley – Garden City, ID
Charged with DUI !!

ARRESTED FOR DUI – Mug Shot!  Dec 15, 2015


Another Corrupt
Police Chief Arrested!

Speak Out About Bullies, Corruption and Those Who Have WRONGED You!

chief james bensleyChief James Bensley of Garden City
Police Department
Still Has Not Released
My Personal and Legal Items. WHY?

Watch Video about Pedophile Cop.

The GCPD has over $2,000 worth of my valuables – including heirlooms from
my deceased father.


Please Read this Blog Post. Let Me Know if You Also Smell Corruption and
ABUSE OF POWER of this Man and The Garden City Police Department.

I have taken time and filled out the necessary forms and had them all notarized (three times) for Chief James Bensley and the city attorney. Why three times? There is no apparent common sense reason. I assume it’s a con, trick or a stall tactic. Bensley has been stalling me for many months and now it’s been nearly three years. I believe Bensley simply wants to steal the items he removed from my home. Bensley is welcome to prove he has “no” intention of stealing my items by simply returning them to me.

The definition of THEFT: the act of stealing; specifically : 1. In common usage, theft is the taking of another person’s property without that person’s permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it.

I have heard that James Bensely has been slandering me to others. He has called me a nut. Why? Because I was shot in the chest and robbed of my life-savings while he did NOTHING! I’m a nut because I want my items back that he took from me why I was laying in the hospital for several days? Wow! Is this what Chief James Bensley calls a NUT? You decide. (this is yet another example of your tax dollars at work for you!)

I’ve Discovered, in my situation, that
James Bensley has NOT Been Honest
and I No Longer Trust Him. He’s not a man of his word. If He Will Do This To me – then What Could or Would he Do to YOU?

Would he call you a “Nut” too?

In my opinion, Chief Jame Bensely is not an honest man. It appears that Chief James Bensley has been lying to me for nearly three years!

Does Chief James Bensley and his “minions” use their authority to steal personal property from the citizens of the city they took an oath to protect and serve? So far, it appears to me that Chief James Bensley and his minion do not care about the citizens and they will steal from the very people who feed them. Prove I’m wrong Chief James Bensley by returning what you took from me.

While I was laying in the hospital, the GCPD ransacked my private residence and helped themselves to whatever they wanted. Bensley’s menions removed expensive sheets, pillows, some of my clothes, shoes, shotguns, rifles and handguns, etc. I am the victim of a robbery and attempted murder – but yet I’m treated like the CRIMINAL.

I’ve passed extensive back ground checks and provided all the necessary notarized forms. Still Chief James Bensley will not give back my personal and legal items. I do not have a criminal record.

It appears Garden City Police Department of Idaho has a problem with honesty, integrity, and the character required to be a police department that can be respected by the public.

Chief James Bensley and the City Attorney both said in writing that if I provided them the signed notarized documents that my items would be returned to me immediately. I have proof these documents were received by them.

Guess what? They both lied to me! Nothing was returned to me.

It appears the GCPD are ‘Bullies” with badges. Some people are calling the Chief of Police, James Bensley, a THIEF. After speaking to many members of the Garden City community, it appears the (GCPD) police department are not trusted or admired by many residents. At least I’m not alone in my thoughts. Are they thieves and are they corrupt? By all appearances of their actions, it appears as if it is TRUE.

Garden City Police department has also set up several speed traps in which they collect revenue from unsuspecting residents. THE GCPD TAKES MONEY FROM THE SAME RESIDENTS WHO PAY THEIR SALARIES AND HELP TO FEED THEIR FAMILIES.

Nice honest guys, huh? Some people call those who live off the assets, money and efforts of others as “parasites”.

Whenever YOU see or hear about Police Corruption. SPEAK OUT! Let it be known. Corrupt Police SCUM must be weeded out and disgarded. Expose Police Corruption!!

Below was a police officer of the Garden City Police Department – Idaho. Lt. Compton of Garden City Police Department recently resigned right after he was stopped and arrested for a DUI. Police officer, Compton, obviously has a drinking problem. Why? Because this is his 2nd arrest for a DUI! I wonder how many times he was “drinking” while arresting another person for a DUI? He’s just one example of the type of servants who Protect and Serve Garden City, Idaho. Do you smell corruption or at the very least – “hypocrisy?”

Chief James Bensley

Garden City Police Department would benefit with a new police chief. A man who is honest. A man with integrity. Chief James Bensley does not appear to have these much needed qualities. A dishonest immoral Police Chief will only hire and train other dishonest immoral police officers.

Garden City deserves good honest men and women who will follow the constitution – who will protect and have a desire to serve the people instead of “taking” from the people.

If anyone else has had problems with
the “honesty” of Chief James Bensely then please contact me. We will help you make it public.

The Below Video is about
POLICE CORRUPTION. This video clearly demonstrates the “bullies” within many police departments across our great nation. Join to Help END POLICE CORRUPTION.

Father Tackles Pedophile Cop – Caught Taking Pics of Small Children at Fair.

More Police Corruption Here.
Expose Corrupt Cop Scum Now.

It’s my opinion. Chief James Bensley nor his minions are your friend. Remember that!



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Tammy Sweeden Reineri – CRIMINAL EXPOSED!

Christopher Mower, Tammy Sweeden and
Robert  “Rob” Reineri = 
Criminal Team.

Speak Out About Bullies, Corruption and Those Who Have WRONGED You!

Robert Reineri  – computer hacker.  (also paid robert-james-reineri-dui-arrestcyber hit man and ex-husband) is doing his best to slander people.  He acts like a “juvenile” with his name calling.  View Mug Shot.  This page really identifies who and what the REAL Robert Reineri is about. 

christopher-d-mower-arresed-mug-shotCheck out Christopher Mower  – Domestic
Violence for the 3rd time.  Felony Conviction!
Read more here. 

Tammay Sweeden “Reineri” attempted to murder an innocent man and she stole his life-savings (retirement funds).  Beware.  She may not be the woman you think she is.

Tammay Sweeden (Tammy) drugged an innocent man, shot him in the chest and stole his entire life-savings.  She’s considered a dangerous psychopath.  Beware and do not have any contact with her.

  1.  Aliases are:  Tammy Sweeden, Casey Cane, Tammy Sweeden Reineri, Tammy G. Reineri.
  2.  If she works – it’s usually in the capacity of an executive assistant where she is in the seat of “trust”.
  3. She wears many disguises.  Has a strong southern accent.    Read more about Tammy Sweeden’s crimes.


Let us HELP you speak out! If you’ve been WRONGED by bullies, intimidators, blackmail, extortion, liars, thieves and evil predators, then let us know.
Project SpeakOUT!

Robert Reineri – Exposed.

Speak Out About Bullies, Corruption and Those Who Have WRONGED You!

Exposing Robert Reineri – A BULLY with the Language of a Filthy Street Thug.

False Statements From Robert Reineri.

In my opinion, Robert Reineri is not to be trusted.  I’m seeking the TRUTH about Robert Reineri and his involvement with the attempted murder and theft of my life-savings.  By all accounts, his filthy gangster language really shines a light on this man’s true ugly character.  He lives up to his reputation and it appears he’s quite the con-man.

Many people believe he’s just a thug who tries to use his “flowerly” unprofessional one page website to discredit the book.  He’s already changed much of his website and removed much of his LIES.  He’s desperately trying to fool or defend what little reputation he has.   We have proof he never read the book.  (he’s using an alias for his 3 or 4 word book review). This man is a clown.

He looks so silly trying to come up with answers to the ADDRESSES and phone number we found that clearly and directly connects him to Tammy Sweeden Reineri.  Everyone agrees he  looks so foolish trying to find a defense.  How stupid does he think people are??  It’s an insult to anyone who reads his defense and “God” knows he needs one.

I wonder why he didn’t use his THUG-LIKE GANGSTER language on his goofy website?   Do you think he hides his normal gangster thug like language in order to hide who he really is?  You bet he does!  He and Tammy Sweeden are exactly the same type of degenerate people.  That’s why they were married and together for 17 years – and probably still are.

Robert Reineri is obviously working on behalf of his wife or his exwife, Tammy Sweeden Reineri.  It’s obvious, he’s still emotionally or financially connected to her.   He purposely created a creepy disgusting dialogue to incite a situation with us.   However, we did not bite.  

We just want justice to be done.  We want all guilty parties to sit in prison for a few years and we look forward to the day we can post pics of them sitting in their “Cages”.

Robert Reineri is Covering Up.
He’s a Bully and Full of Intimidation.

Our Intention is to Expose Any and All Corruption, Liars, Deceivers and Criminals on the run.  Our mission is to help protect anyone who could be a potential victim.  Expose Corruption Now.

Learn more about Robert Reineri right here.  Full Story.   DUI conviction.

 Let us HELP you speak out!
If you’ve been WRONGED by cyber bullies, intimidators, blackmail, extortion, liars, thieves and evil predators, then let us know.

Project SpeakOUT!