Chief James Bensley: More Lies?

Former Chief of Police
James Bensley – Garden City, ID
Charged with DUI !!

ARRESTED FOR DUI – Mug Shot!  Dec 15, 2015


Another Corrupt
Police Chief Arrested!

Speak Out About Bullies, Corruption and Those Who Have WRONGED You!

chief james bensleyChief James Bensley of Garden City
Police Department
Still Has Not Released
My Personal and Legal Items. WHY?

Watch Video about Pedophile Cop.

The GCPD has over $2,000 worth of my valuables – including heirlooms from
my deceased father.


Please Read this Blog Post. Let Me Know if You Also Smell Corruption and
ABUSE OF POWER of this Man and The Garden City Police Department.

I have taken time and filled out the necessary forms and had them all notarized (three times) for Chief James Bensley and the city attorney. Why three times? There is no apparent common sense reason. I assume it’s a con, trick or a stall tactic. Bensley has been stalling me for many months and now it’s been nearly three years. I believe Bensley simply wants to steal the items he removed from my home. Bensley is welcome to prove he has “no” intention of stealing my items by simply returning them to me. read more

Tammy Sweeden Reineri – CRIMINAL EXPOSED!

Christopher Mower, Tammy Sweeden and
Robert  “Rob” Reineri = 
Criminal Team.

Speak Out About Bullies, Corruption and Those Who Have WRONGED You!

Robert Reineri  – computer hacker.  (also paid robert-james-reineri-dui-arrestcyber hit man and ex-husband) is doing his best to slander people.  He acts like a “juvenile” with his name calling.  View Mug Shot.  This page really identifies who and what the REAL Robert Reineri is about. 

christopher-d-mower-arresed-mug-shotCheck out Christopher Mower  – Domestic
Violence for the 3rd time.  Felony Conviction!
Read more here. 
read more

Robert Reineri – Exposed.

Speak Out About Bullies, Corruption and Those Who Have WRONGED You!

Exposing Robert Reineri – A BULLY with the Language of a Filthy Street Thug.

False Statements From Robert Reineri.

In my opinion, Robert Reineri is not to be trusted.  I’m seeking the TRUTH about Robert Reineri and his involvement with the attempted murder and theft of my life-savings.  By all accounts, his filthy gangster language really shines a light on this man’s true ugly character.  He lives up to his reputation and it appears he’s quite the con-man.

Many people believe he’s just a thug who tries to use his “flowerly” unprofessional one page website to discredit the book.  He’s already changed much of his website and removed much of his LIES.  He’s desperately trying to fool or defend what little reputation he has.   We have proof he never read the book.  (he’s using an alias for his 3 or 4 word book review). This man is a clown. read more