Map Shows US Cities That Might Be Targeted First In Nuclear Strikes as of 2017

      US Congress       Purchases 30,000 Guillotines. 

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George Carlin 
“It’s a BIG Club and You Ain’t in it!”
Warning.  Adult Language.

News Flash Warning:
Cop Explains Why He and Other Cops Do Not Have to Follow the Constitution.

News FLASH –  Police Everywhere ARE
stealing CASH from Ordinary People. 

What is a Tyrant?

1.a cruel and oppressive ruler.

  • Do Not Be Fooled by Tyrants.
  • Do Not Trade Your FREEDOM for security.
  • Resist Tyranny whenever possible.
  • Do not be obedient to an unjust or unlawful order-giver. 
  • Learn the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • If you do not know your rights, then you do not have any.  
  • A tyrant will take advantage of your ignorance.
  • Tyrants are liars.  They are not to be trusted.
  • Caution:  The Police can “legally” lie to you.  It’s not wise to talk to or answer any questions asked by the Police. 


cor·rupt 1. having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain. 2.  Corruption is any abuse of power concerning a position of trust to gain an unfair advantage. 3.  Examples of those who could abuse their authority or power are:   Any man or woman who holds a public office of any kind.  Public Servants such as;  police, gov’t administrators and those who work in conjunction with authority. 4.   Corruption can also be in the private sector.  Any person who acts in a dishonest manner to deceive or defraud another person is corrupt.  

What is a Sovereign Person?

To be sovereign means to be an independent adult in interdependent relationships while still being 100% responsible and 100% accountable for everything in your life.   He or she also recognizes that with self governance comes the duty to self restrict activities should they harm another and works diligently to ensure that he or she does not force their will upon another.  The state’s duty is to govern those who do not have the will or the ability to govern oneself and a Sovereign man or womb-man will do what they can to support the public as they too have a duty to those who are not governing them selves.

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